Evolution and Creation

There has been a long-standing divergence between “religion” and “science”, in particular surrounding the questions of “creation” versus “evolution”. On the one side, there is the sense that there is some superior or external Power (God, the Creator, etc.) which has created this entire universe and all its forms out of “nothing” or out of its own “substance”, and the specific details of the creation are subordinated to the miraculous nature of it. On the other side, there is a strong focus on the process of it, and the details of the multi-billion year systematic development of the universe and its forms from the time of the “big bang” to today, with the development of innumerable specific forms arising out of the energy and matter of the universe going through systematic combinations are what command the entire attention.

The evolutionists have no answer to the question of “how” or “why” or “in what manner” the initial start of this process occurred, and it is at this point that a potential resolution of this long-standing conflict may actually be found.

Sri Aurobindo describes the remaining question that must be the subject of our human inquiry: “The way in which man sees and experiences the universe, imposes on his reason the necessity of a one original eternal substance of which all things are the forms and a one eternal original energy of which all movement of action and consequence is the variation. But the whole question is what is the reality of this substance and what is the essential nature of this energy?”

Until we address this question, we cannot find a resolution of the debate between “evolution” and “creation” as theories of existence.

Sri Aurobindo,

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