The Evolution of the Spirit in Human Existence

When we look at the involution of Spirit into Matter, and the subseequent evolution of Consciousness in successive stages out of Matter to realize the spiritual consciousness in material forms, we find that the role of the soul in this activity can be more clearly understood and defined. The soul is an individual formation of the One Universal Being and as such it acts as the lynch-pin or bridge between the evolution of material forms and the spiritual consciousness. The soul is able to increase its awareness and self-expression as it moves through the various levels of creation that represent the increasing power of consciousness evolving out of Matter.

Sri Aurobindo discusses the role of the soul within the framework of our human birth: “Our humanity is the conscious meeting place of the finite and the infinite and to grow more and more towards that Infinite even in this physical birth is our privilege. This Infinite, this Spirit who is housed within us but not bound or shut in by mind or body, is our own self and to find and be our self was, as the ancient sages knew, always the object of our human striving, for it is the object of the whole immense working of Nature.”

For the most part humans are immersed in the subconscient or subliminal parts of the being until we grow beyond the limits of the mind, life and body and enter realms of superconscient awareness. “When he becomes conscient in the superconscience, the heights and depths of his being will be illumined by another light of knowledge than the flickering lamp of the reason can now cast into a few corners; for then the master of the field will enlighten this whole wonderful field of his being, as the sun illumines the whole system it has created out of its glories. Then only he can know the reality even of his own mind and life and body.”

This change of consciousness brings about a transformation of the human existence: “Mind will be changed into a greater consciousness, his life will be a direct power and action of the Divinity, his very body no longer this first gross lump of breathing clay, but a very image and body of spiritual being. That transfiguration on the summit of the mountain, divine birth, divya janma, is that to which all these births are a long series of laborious steps. An involution of spirit in matter is the beginning, but a spiritual assumption of divine birth is the fullness of the evolution.”

Sri Aurobindo,