No Chance!

There are those who hold that the entire existence of the universe, and the apparent intelligence we see within the quantum world of sub-atomic energy, as well as in the interactive relationship of all forms of life existence to create an inter-dependent existence, is purely the work of Chance, a random combination of chemical reactions that yielded the “miracle” of Life.

There are those who would continue this line of understanding to make it a matter of “luck” as to how our lives unfold and whether we are “successful” or “failures” in our actions.

This line of approach is essentially at the other end of the continuum from those who take the opposing viewpoint that everything, down to the smallest detail, is absolutely pre-destined and controlled with no amount of random chance whatsoever.

Sri Aurobindo takes issue with the idea that intelligence and consciousness can arise as a result of random chance. “Chance does not at all exist; it is only a word by which we cover and excuse our own ignorance. Science excludes it from the actual process of physical law; everything there is determined by fixed cause and relation. But when it comes to ask why these relations exist and not others, why a particular cause is allied to a particular effect, it finds that it knows nothing whatever about the matter; every actualised possibility supposes a number of other possibilities that have not actualised but conceivably might have, and it is convenient then to say that Chance or at most a dominant probability determines all actual happening, the chance of evolution, the stumblings of a groping inconscient energy which somehow finds out some good enough way and fixes itself into a repetition of the process.”

Sri Aurobindo’s view of the universe starts from a universal Consciousness that creates forms and energies out of itself, first through a process of involution, and then through a process of evolution. Inherent at all times is that universal consciousness and being. The inter-relationships and fine detail of the mechanisms and processes, the inter-dependencies and symbiotic relations all point to an incredibly complex consciousness that embraces the whole, at both the macro-and micro-levels. This is not the result of Chance!

Sri Aurobindo,