The Individual and the Universal Are Aspects of One Eternal Being

Due to the habitual action of mind to divide and fragment, we tend to look at things as “either/or” options and to then set up clear demarcations between one thing and another. This action has been extremely useful when it comes to analyzing and breaking down a complex set of processes into distinct steps and thereby gain the ability to act in the material world. However, it has a tendency to overlook the factors that unify and integrate into a larger whole, a “gestalt”, the “big picture”, and it is just this integrated viewpoint which Sri Aurobindo takes pains to enunciate while at the same time not undervaluing the analytical mind’s contribution.

“For the original and eternal Reality, the Alpha and Omega, the Godhead is neither separate in the individual nor is he only and solely a Pantheos, a cosmic spirit. He is at once the eternal individual and the eternal All-Soul of this and many universes, and at the same time he is much more than these things.”

“The universe finds itself in me, even as I find myself in the universe, because we are this face and that face of the one eternal Reality, and individual being is as much needed as universal being to work out this manifestation. The individual vision of things is as true as the universal vision, both are ways of the self-seeing of the Eternal.”

There is no actual conflict here with modern science, inasmuch as science focuses on working out the details of the manifestation and does not thereby contradict the “big picture” view. In fact, the further modern science explores the material universe, the closer it comes to an understanding of the spiritual Truth of existence. Starting from the viewpoint of “all this is Matter”, scientists subsequently advanced to the view that “Matter is Energy.” From there the next leap was that “Energy is Consciousness”. Today scientists are beginning to explore the question of Consciousness and advancing concepts of universal creation that bring us to the frontiers of spirituality with a unified field and complex manifestation of multiple universes contained within one all-embracing consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo,Rebirth and Karma, Section I, Chapter 11, Rebirth and Karma, pp. 95-96,