Dynamic Life Action and Karma

Sri Aurobindo summarizes the action of the life energy and its results: “The battle in life’s primitive values is to the strong and the race to the swift, and the weak and the torpid cannot claim the goal and the crown on the strength of their greater virtue; and there is in this a justice, while the moral principle of reward would be here an injustice, for it would be a denial of the principle of the right returns of energy which is fundamental to any possible law of Karma.”

When we begin to go beyond the raw energy of the life force by bringing in mental intelligence and will, we still have not overturned the basic and essential goal of the life energy; rather, we simply enhance the potential results through a more powerful and effective action. “Raise the action by the powers of the mind and still the greater successes, the glory and the victory, fall to the men of great intelligence and the men of great will and not necessarily to the more ethical intelligence or to the more moralised will. Morality counts in this dynamic aspect of life only as a prudential check or a concentrating tapasya. Life helps those who most wisely and faithfully follow her impulses while observing her limits and restraints or those who most powerfully aid her greater impulses of expansion.”

The essence of the law of Karma is “cause and effect”, so one would expect, when removing the artificial “ethical filter” from our vision, to find that at each level, physical energy, or vital energy, there would appear a consistency and a pattern of action that returns the result based on the energy that is put forth.

The first drives of the human being involve harnessing our basic mental capacities and dynamic will to the aggrandisement and satisfaction of our vital impulses and needs–to survive and thrive in the world and achieve the fruits of our desires and action.

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