Birth and Death Are Milestones In the Progress of the Soul’s Development

There is another aspect that can be considered when we accept the fact of the death of the body. Death is not the absolute “ending” that we cry about. We do not come into existence with birth, nor do we go out of existence with death. We move from one state of being to another, from an “unmanifest” to a “manifest’ state, and back again.

Sri Aurobindo states the case made by Sri Krishna: “The to-do made by the physical mind and senses about death and the horror of death whether on the sick-bed or the battlefield, is the most ignorant of nervous clamours. Our sorrow for the death of men is an ignorant grieving for those for whom there is no cause to grieve, since they have neither gone out of existence nor suffered any painful or terrible change of condition, but are beyond death no less in being and no more unhappy in that circumstance than in life.”

The Self, the One, the Divine is the ultimate reality and “…the coming of the soul into physical manifestation and our passing out of it by death is only one of its minor movements.”

When we achieve the standpoint of the Self that is beyond birth and death, we realize “…the Eternal manifesting itself as the soul of man in the great cycle of its pilgrimage with birth and death for milestones, with worlds beyond as resting-places, with all the circumstances of life happy or unhappy as the means of our progress and battle and victory and with immortality as the home to which the soul travels.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, First Series, Chapter 7, The Creed of the Aryan Fighter, pg. 58,