Knowledge Culminating In Peace, Unity and Joy of Divine Existence

The results of the sacrifice depend on the form of sacrifice, in an ascending series of steps more or less. Sri Aurobindo explains: “But there are gradations in the range of these various forms of sacrifice, the physical offering the lowest, the sacrifice of knowledge the highest. Knowledge is that in which all this action culminates, not any lower knowledge, but the highest self-knowledge and God-knowledge, that which we can learn from those who know the true principles of existence, that by possessing which we shall not fall again into the bewilderment of the mind’s ignorance and into its bondage to mere sense-knowledge and to the inferior activity of the desires and passions.”

There are again, in the realisation of the knowledge, various stages involved as well. One stage involves seeing all as the manifestation of the universal energy, the “self-existent reality or Brahman” and the liberation thereby from the hold of the ego.

At some point we can recognize that this is not just some mechanical energy without sense or meaning, but actually a “supreme Being who is the source of our existence and of whom all that is mutable or immutable is the manifestation. he is God, the Divine, the Purushottama. To Him we offer everything as a sacrifice; into His hands we give up our actions; in His existence we live and move; unified with Him in our nature and with all existence in Him, we become one soul and one power of being with Him and with all beings; with His supreme reality we identify and unite our self-being.”

The one realisation of “works done for sacrifice” brings about “knowledge and at the soul’s possession of itself…” While as we also become fully aware through attainment of real knowledge, by the “works done in self-knowledge and God-knowledge we are liberated into the unity, peace and joy of the divine existence.”

We start with the consecration of all our acts, we progress to the soul’s liberation from the hold of the ego, and we attain at the end, the unification and unity of our consciousness with the Highest that represents the culmination of our seeking.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, First Series, Chapter 12, The Significance of Sacrifice, pp. 115-116