The Steps Required For a Divine Transformation of Consciousness and Action

The successive widening of the circles of awareness and action that develop the ethical, moral and religious principles to offset the hold of the individual desire-bound egoistic personality is a transitional phase, and remains within the province of the ego. In fact, while the ego is widened, it has not been overpassed or mastered; rather it has simply found a larger field within which to exercise itself, and new fulfillments to satisfy its now more subtle forms of desire.

The real and ultimate solution comes about when we are able finally, to move to a standpoint of universal Oneness and Unity, and recognize all existence as one Being, with all the consequences that flow from that standpoint.

Sri Aurobindo describes the process of attaining the perfect working: “That can only come when he perceives that the self in him and the self in others are one being and this self is something higher than the ego, an infinite, an impersonal, a universal existence in whom all move and have their being,–when he perceives that all the cosmic gods to whom he offers his sacrifice are forms of one infinite Godhead and when again, leaving all his limited and limiting conceptions of that one Godhead, he perceives him to be the supreme and ineffable Deity who is at once the finite and the infinite, the one self and the many, beyond Nature though manifesting himself through Nature, beyond limitation by qualities though formulating the power of his being through infinite quality. This is the Purushottama to whom the sacrifice has to be offered, not for any transient personal fruit of works, but for the soul’s possession of God and in order to live in harmony and union with the Divine.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, First Series, Chapter 13, The Lord of the Sacrifice, pp. 120-121