Does the Divine Directly Intervene in the Manifestation?

Having addressed the principle that supports the idea of the Avatar, a direct intervention in the process of the manifestation, it is appropriate to then ask whether in fact such intervention does indeed occur. Those of various religious faiths of course accept this intervention as a “fact” when it comes to the particular personality who founded or guided that religion, although they may not be willing to accept a more general case of repeated or different interventions throughout history.

When we start with the understanding that each of the finite forms, each human being, is not a separate isolated individual but a specific face of what is in reality an infinite unified consciousness, a manifested form of the Spirit.

The Spirit manifests through all beings, and as Sri Aurobindo points out “…nor is Matter anywhere really void of consciousness, for even in the atom, the cell there is, as is now made abundantly clear in spite of itself by modern Science, a power of will, an intelligence at work; but that power is the power of will and intelligence of the Self, Spirit or Godhead within it, it is not the separate, self-derived will or idea of the mechanical cell or atom.”

All of existence is thus a manifestation of Spirit, involved and hidden within in the denser forms of Matter, but becoming successively more revealed and self-consciously aware as the forms evolve through plant, animal and human being. “This secret working of the Lord hidden in the heart from the egoistic nature-consciousness through which he works, is God’s universal method with creatures. Why then should we suppose that in any form he comes forward into the frontal, the phenomenal consciousness for a more direct and consciously divine action?”

The rationale would clearly be to open up the opportunity for a new evolutionary spring to a new level of understanding and consciousness by breaking through the screen or frame that limits the manifestation in its then current phase. Sri Aurobindo’s conclusion: “…then to break the veil between himself and humanity which man limited in his own nature could never lift.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, First Series, Chapter 15, The Possibility and Purpose of Avatarhood, pp. 144-145