Rajasic Equality as an Entry Point To Spiritual Realisation

The rajasic equality is not an end in itself, but can provide a benefit in the seeker’s goal of overcoming the force of desire and the action of the dualities. On its own it cannot provide the ultimate identification with the divine consciousness. Sri Aurobindo describes the potential positive benefits associated with the rajasic equality: “The Stoic equality is justified as an element in the discipline of the Gita because it can be associated with and can help to the realisation of the free immutable Self in the mobile human being…and to status in that new self-consciousness….”

‘Awakening by the understanding to the Highest which is beyond even the discerning mind, put force on the self by the self to make it firm and still, and slay this enemy who is so hard to assail, Desire.’

Harnessing the motivation and power of rajas in action is potentially more effective than the surrender or recoil brought about through tamasic equality, and provides opportunities for bringing desire under some control. The next step must be, however, associating this action with the sattwic aspiration and development of the clarity, calm and peace needed to attain a new psychological standpoint and liberation from the play of the gunas entirely.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, First Series, Chapter 19, Equality, pp. 187-188