The Union of Knowledge and Equality

There is a proverb that holds that “the sun shines equally on the saint and the sinner alike”. The development of knowledge at the level of conscious awareness brings about an active status of equality toward all forms and beings and events in the manifested world. Knowledge informs our vision as to the Oneness of the creation. The result is described by Sri Aurobindo: “…it is only when we have this perfect equality…, ‘seeing with an equal eye the learned and cultured Brahmin, the cow, the elephant, the dog, the outcaste’ and knowing all as one Brahman, that we can, living in that oneness, see like the Brahman our works proceeding from the nature freely without any fear of attachment, sin or bondage. Sin and stain there cannot be; for we have overcome that creation full of desire and its works and reactions which belong to the ignorance…, and living in the supreme and divine Nature there is no longer fault or defect in our works; for these are created by the inequalities of the ignorance.”

The purpose of works becomes solely “…fulfilling the welfare of all existences….”

We are transformed from “doers” in the consciousness of the ego, to pure instruments of the divine Action, and we are thus also freed from the chain of cause and effect, karma.

“Such is the intimate union between knowledge and equality; knowledge here in the buddhi
reflected as equality in the temperament; above, on a higher plane of consciousness, knowledge as the light of the Being, equality as the stuff of the Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, First Series, Chapter 20, Equality and Knowledge, pp. 193-194