The Essential Spiritual Nature Permeates, Supports, Creates and Upholds the Action of the Outer Nature

When we investigate the organization of the universal manifestation, with the enormous powers expended across vast galaxies and universes, and then turn our gaze to the working of Nature within the scope of our terrestrial existence, with the precise atomic interactions, as well as the symbiotic relationship of all beings within a common biosphere, it becomes clear that there is a vast intelligence, an embracing consciousness that holds the entire creation in one comprehensive whole. While the mental consciousness fixates upon the differences and distinctions between forms, another vision shows us the secret Unity and Oneness that all these forms share.

Sri Aurobindo describes this relationship between the spiritual Nature and the material Nature: “It is the supreme nature of Spirit, the infinite conscious power of its being, self-conscient, all-conscient, all-wise, which maintains these phenomenal existences in relation to each other, penetrates them, abides in and supports them and weaves them into the system of its manifestation. This one supreme power manifests not only in all as the One, but in each as the Jiva, the individual spiritual presence; it manifests also as the essence of all quality of Nature. These are therefore the concealed spiritual powers behind all phenomena. This highest quality is not the working of the three Gunas, which is phenomenon of quality and not its spiritual essence. it is rather the inherent, one, yet variable inner power of all these superficial variations. It is a fundamental truth of the Becoming, a truth that supports and gives a spiritual and divine significance to all its appearances. The workings of the Gunas are only the superficial unstable becomings of reason, mind, sense, ego, life and matter…; but this is rather the essential stable original intimate power of the becoming, svabhava.”

All that we see in outer Nature of existence is derivative and it finds its significance and proper role in the complete manifestation through reference back to its original unified source. The Soul that seeks to escape the limitations of the lower Nature must also eventually find the true sense and meaning through unification with that higher Self and from there, identifying with the essential nature of action in his svabhava.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 1, The Two Natures, pp. 258-260