The God-Lover Who Has the Knowledge

The fourth type of Bhakta, devotee, is one who has integrated knowledge, devotion and works into one seamless whole. For this devotee there is no separation, because there is no “other”. All is one Divine Being, the Transcendent, the Universal and the Individual are all one. The Taittiriya Upanishad describes the knowledge of this Oneness: “The Spirit who is here in a man and the Spirit who is there in the Sun, it is one Spirit and there is no other.” (Brahmanandavalli, Chapter 8)

Sri Aurobindo describes the status of such a devotee: “The Jiva comes to delight in the one Godhead,–in the Divine known as all being and consciousness and delight and as all things and beings and happenings, known in Nature, known in the self, known for that which exceeds self and Nature. He is ever in constant union with him…; his whole life and being are an eternal Yoga with the Transcendent than whom there is nothing higher, with the Universal besides whom there is none else and nothing else. On him is concentrated all his Bhakti…not on any partial godhead, rule or cult. This single devotion is his whole law of living and he has gone beyond all creeds of religious belief, rules of conduct, personal aims of life. He has no griefs to be healed, for he is in possession of the All-blissful. He has no desires to hunger after, for he possesses the highest and the All and is close to the All-Power that brings all fulfilment. He has no doubts or baffled seekings left, for all knowledge streams upon him from the Light in which he lives. He loves perfectly the Divine and is his beloved; for as he takes joy in the Divine, so too the Divine takes joy in him. This is the God-love who has the knowledge….”

Rare are those seekers in this world who abandon all narrow paths of philosophy or religion to love and adore the One; without at the same time creating a division through any type of judgmental attitude about the actions or paths of others. These seekers see “everywhere Oneness” and recognize that the fragmented view, the divisions, the disharmonies, the oppositions and the pride, hatred, arrogance that come with such a view are simply the workings of Maya in the mental consciousness; the true Oneness sees God everywhere, in all things, in all ways of being, as a unified whole.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 2, The Synthesis of Devotion and Knowledge, pg. 274


Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, pg. 273

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