Two Foundational Concepts Supporting a Spiritual Fulfilment Of Existence

The Gita denies the necessity of abandonment of cosmic existence as a pre-condition for the attainment of spiritual realisation. The Gita holds that it is possible to move from the limited and fragmented consciousness of the mental-vital-physical existence to a wider, higher and supreme consciousness that is able to reconcile the inner spiritual truth with life in the world. The vision provided by the Gita is founded on two concepts that should be appreciated.

Sri Aurobindo summarizes them as follows: “The first idea on which this possibility is founded, is the conception of the individual soul in man as in its eternal essence and its original power a ray of the supreme Soul and Godhead and here a veiled manifestation of him, a being of his being, a consciousness of his consciousness, a nature of his nature, but in the obscurity of this mental and physical existence self-forgetful of its source, its reality, its true character.”

“The second idea is that of the double nature of the Soul in manifestation,–the original nature in which it is one with its own true spiritual being, and the derived in which it is subject to the confusions of egoism and ignorance. The latter has to be cast away and the spiritual has to be inwardly recovered, fulfilled, made dynamic and active. Through an inner self-fulfilment, the opening of a new status, our birth into a new power, we return to the nature of the Spirit and re-become a portion of the Godhead from whom we have descended into this mortal figure of being.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 3, The Supreme Divine, pg. 275

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