Three Key Elements To Achieve Our True Self of Oneness

The Gita sees a living Being in the universe, not some kind of purely mechanical system of atoms, molecules and energy. While we are trapped in the ego-consciousness, we see everything from that viewpoint, through that framework, and we thus fail to see this wider, embracing Being that manifests itself as all that is. As we implement our practice of yoga, and gain some distance from the standpoint of the go, we first experience the wide, vast, calm, immutable existence that seems to permeate everything and which overwhelms our ego-consciousness and our sense of the reality of the forms of the world. But as we go further, we can experience the universe in the much more vibrant and alive character that the Gita presents, as Sri Aurobindo describes it “…a living Infinite, a divine immeasurable Being from whom all that we are proceeds and to which all that we are belongs, self and nature, world and spirit.”

Sri Aurobindo outlines three movements, based on the three primary parts of our being, which help us to achieve Oneness and Unity with this divine Being: “…an integral self-finding through works founded in his and our spiritual nature, an integral self-becoming through knowledge of the Divine Being in whom all exists and who is all, and–most sovereign and decisive movement of all–an integral self-giving through love and devotion of our whole being to this All and this Supreme, attracted to the Master of our works, to the Inhabitant of our hearts, to the continent of all our conscious existence.”

The result: “Our persistent consecration turns into knowledge of him all our knowing and into light of his power all our action. The passion of love in our self-giving carries us up to him and opens the mystery of his deepest heart of being. Love completes the triple cord of the sacrifice, perfects the triune key of the highest secret….”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 3, The Supreme Divine, pp. 275-276

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