Transforming the Consciousness To Experience the Omnipresent Divine Reality

It is not sufficient for the seeker to simply gain an intellectual appreciation of the deep truths being conveyed by the Divine Teacher. A framework for understanding with the intellect can be helpful, and a general overview to overcome the primary mental arguments and doubts is beneficial, but in the end, there must be a change of consciousness, not a change of philosophy!

It is with this end in view that Sri Krishna, having essentially declared that one must live and act and see all as the Divine Being at all times and in all ways, now turns toward preparing Arjuna for the transformation of his vision and his experience to make the concepts “real” to him in a very palpable sense.

Sri Aurobindo describes the goal that Sri Krishna has in mind for Arjuna, the representative man of his age: “Arjuna is to become aware of himself as existing only in God and as acting only by the power within him, his workings only an instrumentality of the divine action, his egoistic consciousness only a veil and to his ignorance a misrepresentation of the real being within him which is an immortal spark and portion of the supreme Godhead.”

Sri Krishna “…is going to open his mind to the knowledge and sight of the integral Divinity and lead up to the vision of the eleventh book, by which the warrior of Kurukshetra becomes conscious of the author and upholder of his being and action and mission, the Godhead in man and the world, whom nothing in man and the world limits or binds, because all proceeds from him, is a movement in his infinite being, continues and is supported by his will, is justified in his divine self-knowledge, has him always for its origin, substance and end.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 4, The Secret of Secrets, pg. 287

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