An Integral Devotion Encompassing All Life Activities

As we enter the path of evolution from the human to the divine nature, we find that we begin to see the meaning of our human life more clearly. We also begin to recognize the Oneness of all existence, the Transcendent, the Universal and the Individual. This change of view and understanding also has an impact on our focus and commitment. It inevitably leads to the sense of adoration, devotion, commitment and sacrifice that is missing from the ordinary human mode of action.

Sri Aurobindo describes the state of the soul when it grasps the deeper significance of life and adjusts its focus: “Therefore when this vision, this knowledge seizes on the soul, its whole life-aspiration becomes a surpassing love and fathomless adoration of the Divine and Infinite. The mind attaches itself singly to the eternal, the spiritual, the living, the universal, the Real; it values nothing but for its sake, it delights only in the all-blissful Purusha. All the world and all the thought become one hymning of the universal greatness, Light, Beauty, Power and Truth that has revealed itself in its glory to the human spirit and a worship of the one supreme Soul and infinite Person. All the long stress of the inner self to break outward becomes a form now of spiritual endeavor and aspiration to possess the Divine in the soul and realise the Divine in the nature. All life becomes a constant Yoga and unification of that Divine and this human spirit. This is the manner of the integral devotion; it creates a single uplifting of our whole being and nature through sacrifice by the dedicated heart to the eternal Purushottama.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 6, Works, Devotion and Knowledge, pp. 312-313