The Nature of the Divine Self in the Manifested Universe

In an ultimate sense, the entire creation is an expression of the power and being of the divine Self. Scientists tell us that all the matter in the universe comes from one original source and that it was distributed through an intense burst of energy that continues to expand the universe even today, billions of years later. If we reflect on this, we see that all that exists in the universe is in fact one Being formed out of one substance and one energy, and there is no other. The Upanishads state it similarly when they say that “The Spirit who is here in a man, and the Spirit who is there in the sun, it is one Spirit and there is no other.”

Sri Aurobindo describes it this way: “…an inner self in the core of its subjective and its objective becoming, one who is the beginning and middle and end of all that is, has been or will be.” This is not just what we may call “inanimate” matter and energy, however, but all that we call “life” as well. “For ever from within all beings, from within all conscient and inconscient existences, this All-conscient develops his manifested self in quality and power, develops it in the forms of objects, in the instruments of our subjectivity, in knowledge and word and thinking, in the creations of the mind and in the passion and actions of the doer, in the measures of Time, in cosmic powers and godheads and in the forces of Nature, in plant life, in animal life, in human and superhuman beings.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 8, God in Power of Becoming, pg. 347