The Divine Self in Time, Space and Circumstance

In a certain very real sense it is easier to conceive of the Divine Self at the cosmic, rather than at the individual level. The vastness of Space, the expanses of Time, the incredible diversity of forms and beings which interact and inter-relate in such a way as to manifest this enormous creation with each of the parts fitting into and supporting the manifestation of the whole–all of these things underline the power and consciousness that has manifested these things, and they do so in a way that far exceeds any possible understanding or grasp that we can gain from our human perspective. We can look with awe and wonder at this, but never hope to grasp it immensity and the details with our human mental capacity.

Sri Aurobindo describes the impression we receive: “In that movement of Time and Becoming God appears to our conception or experience of him by the evidence of his works as the divine Power who ordains and sets all things in their place in the movement. In his form of space it is he who fronts us in every direction, million-bodied, myriad-minded, manifest in each existence; we see his faces on all sides of us.”

“He appears to us too in the universe as the universal spirit of Destruction, who seems to create only to undo his creations in the end–‘I am all-snatching Death’…. And yet his Power of becoming does not cease from its workings, for the rebirth and force of new creation ever keeps pace with the force of death and destruction,–‘and I am too the birth of all that shall come into being.’ The divine Self in things is the sustaining Spirit of the present, the withdrawing Spirit of the past, the creative Spirit of the future.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 8, God in Power of Becoming, pp. 348-349