The Divine Manifestations

Sri Krishna is systematically expanding Arjuna’s perspective so that he can see and respond to the Divine Existence in all things. Starting by concentrating Arjuna on the preeminent forms, Sri Krishna has always reminded him that he is all, in all, and beyond all that exists in the universe. In response to Arjuna’s desire to understand and see, he provides a series of details as to how he can be recognized in human life in the world. In the next series, he focuses on psychological qualities. Sri Aurobindo provides the insight: “In living beings…I am consciousness by which they are aware of themselves and their surroundings. I am mind among the senses, mind by which they receive the impressions of objects and react upon them….I am glory and speech and memory and intelligence and steadfastness and forgiveness, the energy of the energetic and the strength of the mighty….I am the sattwic quality of the good, I am the gambling of the cunning; I am the mastery and power of all who rule and tame and vanquish and the policy of all who succeed and conquer; I am the silence of things secret, the knowledge of the knower, the logic of those who debate.”

There are special manifestations, called Vibhutis, who represent ultimate qualities and who act as shining lights or examples: “I am among men the king of men, the leader, the mighty man, the hero. I am Rama among warriors, Krishna among the Vrishnis, Arjuna among the Pandavas. The illumined Rishi is My Vibhuti….The great seer, the inspired poet who sees and reveals the truth by the light of the idea and sound of the word, is Myself luminous in the mortal….”

He again reminds Arjuna not to, however, lose sight of the divine manifestation in all: “…all beings are in their own way and nature powers of the Godhead; nothing moving or unmoving, animate or inanimate in the world can be without Me. I am the divine seed of all existences, and of that seed they are the branches and flowers…. There is no numbering or limit to My divine Vibhutis…. Whatever beautiful or glorious creature thou seest in the world, whatever being is mighty and forceful among men and above man and below him, know to be a very splendour, light and energy of Me and born of a potent portion and intense power of My existence.”

In conclusion: “…I am here in this world and everywhere, I am in all and I constitute all: there is nothing else than I, nothing without Me. I support this entire universe with a single degree of My illimitable power and an infinitesimal portion of My fathomless spirit; all these worlds are only sparks, hints, glintings of the I Am eternal and immeasurable.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 8, God in Power of Becoming, pp. 350-351