The Significance of the Godhead Manifested in Man

In the Christian religion, they speak of “the son of God, born as the son of man”. We could interpret this within the framework of the Gita’s teaching to acknowledge the truth of the Vibhuti, the special manifestation of the Godhead for a specific purpose to guide, lead and advance the evolutionary purpose of the divine process of existence.

Sri Aurobindo describes the Gita’s message: “The message of the Gita is the gospel of the Divinity in man who by force of an increasing union unfolds himself out of the veil of the lower Nature, reveals to the human soul his cosmic spirit, reveals his absolute transcendences, reveals himself in man and in all beings. The potential outcome here of this union, this divine Yoga, man growing towards the Godhead, the Godhead manifest in the human soul and to the inner human vision, is our liberation from limited ego and our elevation to the higher nature of a divine humanity.”

It is this status which makes it possible for man to act, no longer confused and ignorant under the impulsion of the three Gunas, slaves of desire, and suffering from the chain of cause and effect. It is Krishna’s purpose to guide Arjuna, as the representative of humanity, toward this liberation and this realisation.

Arjuna needs to see the special manifestation, Sri Krishna, as the divine Teacher and accept this teaching with an open mind and heart. At the same time, he needs to recognize that other sense of the Vibhuti that indicates that everything that exists is a power and form of God. These recognitions are the foundation and basis for his gaining the full truth, the complete insight, to the meaning of his life, the significance of existence and the deeper meaning of the manifestation of the entire universe. He also needs to be prepared to take up the role assigned to him. “To call Arjuna to this action, to make him aware of the being and power that he is and of the Being and Power whose will acts through him, is the purpose of the embodied Godhead. To this end the divine Krishna is his charioteer; to this end there came upon him that great discouragement and deep dissatisfaction with the lesser human motives of his work; to substitute for them the larger spiritual motive this revelation is given to him in the supreme moment of the work to which he has been appointed.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 9, The Theory of the Vibhuti, pp. 352-353

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