The Foundation of the Theory of the Vibhuti

The special sense of the Vibhuti is a being who manifests in a predominant way one or more of the outstanding qualities of the Divinity, whether knowledge, love, or some force of action, and who thereby aids in the evolutionary development of consciousness, and thereby fulfill the divine intention in the world. The potentiality for the development is within each being, but it remains latent or only partially manifested until it is fructified and energized by the action of the Vibhuti and can thereby emerge. Sri Krishna’s action is illustrative as he liberates Arjuna from his conventional thought processes and guides him to a higher order of understanding and a greater force of action based thereon.

Sri Aurobindo describes the process by which the habitual level of expression is burst so as to open up the growth and development that represents the next stage for the being. “A highest Godward tension liberates the mind through an absolute seeing of knowledge, liberates the heart through an absolute love and delight, liberates the whole existence through an absolute concentration of will towards a greater existence. But the percussion and the delivering shock come by the touch of the Divine on our actual nature which directs the energy away from its normal limited separative action and objects towards the Eternal, Universal and Transcendent, orientates it towards the infinite and absolute Godhead. This truth of the dynamic omnipresence of the divine Power of being is the foundation of the theory of the Vibhuti.”

It takes the power of the sun to awaken the energy of life out of the earth, and it is the power of the Vibhuti to break through the shell of our ordinary existence and energize our hidden, latent and, in some cases, unexpected powers of consciousness. The intensity stirs those subjected to the Presence to strive, to break free of the limiting bonds of the ordinary life, to strive to realise something more and higher, to become that which they come to respect and adore.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 9, The Theory of the Vibhuti, pg. 357

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