Acting According To the Will Of the Time-Spirit

Arjuna has now reached the point where he has accepted the teaching, seen the vision of the world-spirit, and learned that this great cataclysm, which he originally thought he was responsible for, is going to occur, one way or the other, now or later, because of the impetus of the world-spirit’s larger developmental direction. He has been asked to put aside action from the standpoint of the ego, and take up this work without hatred, fear, anger or other emotions tied to the egoistic impulsions of the human being. He is to take on his role as the instrument of a tremendous and powerful action of the divine.

He has confronted the immensity of the destruction lying before his mind’s eye, and has been shown the rationale for it. The time has come for a new order of society and human relations to develop, and for this, the old forces holding sway and strangling the aspiration of humanity need to be put aside. Since they are unwilling to go voluntarily, they are being swept aside by a powerful force that has been long since set in motion.

Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that the goal here is not individual success, but a larger divine vision: “For God the Time-Spirit does not destroy for the sake of destruction, but to make the ways clear in the cyclic process for a greater rule and a progressing manifestation….”

The human instrument, at the forefront of humanity is “Not appalled by the face of the Destroyer….”
Rather he sees that “within it the eternal Spirit imperishable in all these perishing bodies and behind it the face of the Charioteer, the Leader of man, the Friend of all creatures….”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part I, Chapter 10, The Vision of the World-Spirit–Time the Destroyer, pp. 372-373