The Supreme Mystery

When we reflect on the intricately detailed and integrated inter-relationships of forms, forces, beings and impulsions that constitute the universal Creation, we can do nothing other than marvel at it. When we examine Matter, we find that it is tightly organized Energy. Wherever we look, the entire system of the creation shows that it is one biosphere, one ecosphere, and one noosphere. We see Oneness wherever we choose to look, if we have the eyes to see.

We come then to the question of how this incredible creation came about, how it was devised to work so perfectly, how it came to be infused with consciousness, and in human beings, self-awareness and how it is that we can both experience our Unity and our Multiplicity, and how we can experience involvement in the manifestation as well as a state of uninvolved detachment. There must be a clue that provides a solution to the riddles that everywhere confront us. This clue is the “supreme mystery” and Sri Aurobindo describes the Gita’s view of this:

“The Gita affirms that there is a supreme Mystery, a highest Reality that upholds and reconciles the truth of these two different manifestations. There is an utmost Supreme Self, Lord and Brahman, one who is both the impersonal and the personal, but other and greater than either of them and other and greater than both of them together.”

“The supreme Ineffable, the universal Person, he becomes by his Prakriti all these creatures. The supreme Atman and Brahman, he manifests by his Maya of self-knowledge and his Maya of ignorance the double truth of the cosmic riddle. The supreme Lord, master of his Force, his Shakti, he creates, impels and governs all this Nature and all the personality, power and works of these innumerable existences.”

“Each soul is a partial being of this self-existent One, an eternal soul of this All-Soul, a partial manifestation of this supreme Lord and his universal Nature. All here is this Divine, this godhead, Vasudeva; for by Nature and the soul in Nature he becomes all that is and everything proceeds from him and lives in or by him, though he himself is greater than any widest manifestation, any deepest spirit, any cosmic figure.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part II, Chapter 16, The Fullness of Spiritual Action, pp. 440-441