Reconciling the Impersonal Silence of the Nirvanic Status With Action In the World

 The Gita envisions a conscious experience that holds both the impersonal silence and the vast universal action together without division or contradiction. This realisation is similar to the Taoist way as well as the goals and methodology of the Mahayana Tantric Buddhism of Tibet.   The teaching found in chapter 9 of Santideva’s fundamental work “A Guide To the Bodhisattva Way of Life” on the concept of “emptiness” is a practical methodology used to overcome the force of the egoistic consciousness by recognising the fact of the unreality of the objects sought after or avoided through the ego’s attractions and repulsions.   At the end of this practice, which begins with cultivation of the sattwic principle as enunciated by the Gita, there is not, as commonly thought, a dissolution into nothingness, but rather a freedom from the ego personality which allow the vast, universal purpose to manifest through the individual.   The end result is a dedication of the individual to the work of compassion and love that is not self-oriented but rather done for the universal welfare.

Sri Aurobindo describes this status:.”The man who has this harmony may be motionless within and absorbed in silence, but his Self will appear free from disguises, the divine Influence will be at work in him and while he abides in tranquility and an inward inaction, naiskarmya, yet he will act with an irresistible power and myriads of things and beings will move and gather under his influence. The impersonal force of the Self takes up his works, movements no longer deformed by ego, and sovereignly acts through him for the keeping together and control of the world and its peoples….”

>/p><p>Sri Aurobindo, &amp;lt;a href=”; title=”Essays on the Gita”&amp;gt;Essays on the Gita&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;, Second Series, Part II, Chapter 22, The Supreme Secret, pp. 527-528 &lt;/p&gt;</p>

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