Seeking the Way To Transcend the Action Of the Three Gunas

The Gita repeatedly exhorts the seeker to transcend and pass beyond the action of the three Gunas and further advises us to ciltivate and increase the action of sattwa as a stepping stone toward realisation of this aim.   At the same time we are warned that a sattwic disposition has its own limitations and is also not stable due to the ever-changing play of the Gunas.   The question naturally arises as to how best to go beyond the action of the Gunas. It is from this general question that the prescription to renounce the life of action and immerse oneself in the experience of the silent, ineffable, immutable and impersonal Brahman arises.  

Sri Aurobindo describes the issues involved in this attempt:.”The difficulty is that while we can feel a positive release into this impersonality in moments of the quiet and silence of our being, an impersonal activity is by no means so easy to realise.”. 

The further difficulty is related to the sattwic ego taking hold of any action decided on and using it as a cloak for the aggrandisement of the egoistic personality and its aims.  

Sri Aurobindo shows the way out of this riddle:.”This impersonal silence however is not the last word of wisdom in this matter, because it is not the only way and crown or not all the way and the last crown of self-realisation open to our endeavour. There is a mightier fuller more positive spiritual experience in which the circle of our egoistic personality and the round of the mind’s limitations vanish in the unwalled infinity of a greatest self and spirit and yet life and its works not only remain still acceptable and possible but reach up and out to their widest spiritual completeness and assume a grand ascending significance.”


>/p><p>Sri Aurobindo, &amp;lt;a href=”; title=”Essays on the Gita”&amp;gt;Essays on the Gita&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;, Second Series, Part II, Chapter 22, The Supreme Secret, pp. 526-527 &lt;/p&gt;</p>

1 thought on “Seeking the Way To Transcend the Action Of the Three Gunas

  1. Thank you. The Shastra i feel is impersonal to the individual and more personal to the collectivity.It is not in all its form and spirit the ideal rule of fulfilment of The Self or the Eternal law of the Master of our nature,it may contain in itself in small or larger measure indications , preparations, illuminating glimpses of that for greater thing.And the individual may have gone beyond the collectivity and be ready for a greater truth , a wider walk, a deep intention of Life-Spirit.- Essays of Geeta pg 479.

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