A Soul and Spirit Of the Divine Oneness

With the dissolution of the ego in the realisation of the vast, immutable silence, there comes about the sense of liberation. This spiritual experience underlies the seeking of the sannyasi, the secluded anchorite or monk, and it is so powerful and overwhelming an experience that it seems, to those who even taste of it, to be the ultimate goal and end of the path. The Gita, however, is unwilling to convict the entire experience of the individual as an illusion. To be sure, the ego must be dissolved and in this point the Gita agrees with the renunciate disciplines. The Gita however takes up the further question, unresolved otherwise, of the significance and purpose of the individual experience.

Sri Aurobindo takes up this question: “It is true that the ego and its limited personality are even such a temporary and mutable formation of Nature and therefore it must be broken and we must feel ourselves one with all and infinite. But the ego is not the real person; when it has been dissolved there still remains the spiritual individual, there is still the eternal Jiva.”.

The Gita reminds us that even in the experience of the Infinite, it is still the individual who experiences it. “The universal action, even when it is felt as the action of one and the same energy in all, even when it is experienced as the initiation and movement of the Ishwara, still takes different forms in different souls of men,…, and a different turn in their nature.”

“This mystery of our existence signifies that what we are is not only a temporary name and form of the One, but as we may say, a soul and spirit of the Divine Oneness.”.

“This Jiva then is a portion of the Purushottama’s original divine spiritual being, a living power of the living Eternal. He is not merely a temporary form of lower Nature, but an eternal portion of the Highest in his supreme Prakriti, an eternal conscious ray of the divine existence and as everlasting as that supernal Prakriti.”.

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