The Supreme Mystery

The Gita focuses our attention on a spiritual experience of consciousness that it holds to be both higher and more comprehensive as to the significance of our existence that the vast impersonal and silent experience normally considered to be the ultimate spiritual status.   The experience incorporates all of the diverse parts of our being and brings about a comprehensive and integral affirmation of existence.   This is the experience of the entire universal manifestation as a supreme divine Person.

Starting from our egoistic standpoint we experience the reality of our life as somehow being distinct and separated, fragmented from all other forms and beings. Our first widening beyond this experience of the ego brings us eventually to the status of the impersonal vast that dissolves our ego-personality. The Gita then takes us to the next level of experience that both recognises the truth of the universal impersonality and simultaneously brings us to the recognition of the Purushottama, the Divine Person.  

The human mental framework is incapable of encompassing this status short of achieving the experience itself. The best we can do is to understand an analogy within the scope of our mental capacities; namely, the human body.   We experience the seat of consciousness generally in the brain, and we recognise various body parts and organs, not as separate things, but as parts of one body.   There is thus a unified field which holds the awareness and consciousness of all of these parts as being one being.

In the experience of the Purushottama, then, all the diverse forms and beings we identify separately are parts of one unified, divine Being and Person.  

Sri Aurobindo explains:.”This highest secret is the miracle of a supreme Person and apparent cast Impersonal that are one, an immutable transcendent Self of all things and a Spirit that manifests itself here at the very foundation of cosmos as an infinite and multiple personality acting everywhere,–a Self and Spirit revealed to our last, closest, profoundest experience as an illimitable Being who accepts us and takes us to him, not into a blank of featureless existence, but most positively, deeply, wonderfully into all Himself and in all the ways of his and our conscious existence.”

This experience brings about a deep feeling of love and devotion to “…get the widest, the deepest, the most integral experience of our oneness with the Eternal.”


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