Becoming a Conscious Instrument and Power Of the Godhead

Human beings have a unique position in the world of manifestation as a transitional being. While we remain very much bound by the limitations of our animal nature, we also have a self-reflective capability, as well as an intuition of freedom and mastery. Through an error in placement we attribute this sense of freedom and mastery to the ego personality. Sri Aurobindo clarifies that the idea that the outer personality is the part of our being that has this freedom is incorrect, the sense of this freedom and mastery is not totally erroneous, but should be attributed to the inner divine portion, the soul within us.  “There is a godhead there concealed from himself, subliminal to his consciousness, immobilised behind the obscure veil of a working that is not wholly his own and the secret of which he has not yet mastered.”

The error of attribution affects our entire perception of life, the world and our action and role within it.  “What is true of his spirit he attributes to his ego-personality and gives it a false application, a false form and a mass of ignorant consequences.”. 

The outer person is actually created and driven by the impulsion of Nature working through the modality of the three Gunas. So long as we remain bound by the ego-person, we remain subject to this universal force and impulsion. “For the freedom and mastery of man over his nature are hardly even real and cannot be complete until he becomes aware of the Divinity within him and is in possession of his own real self and spirit other than the ego…..   It is that which Nature is labouring to express in mind and life and body; it is that which imposes on her this or that law of being and working, Swabhava; it is that which shapes the outward destiny and the evolution of the soul within us. It is therefore only when he is in possession of his real self and spirit that his nature can become a conscious instrument and enlightened power of the godhead.”



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