Abandon All Dharmas Through Total Self-Surrender To the Supreme

Throughout the discourse, Sri Krishna has systematically addressed himself to Arjuna as the representative evolved soul in humanity who is prepared to take up the highest path of liberation from bondage to the action of the modes of Nature and the ego personality. Along the way he has provided detailed knowledge of the working of the Gunas, as well as numerous guidelines for moving from the normal human state of consciousness to one unified with the Divine in both perception and action. Sri Krishna has reviewed the various paths of yoga and provided insight into their appropriate application. It is at this point that he declares to Arjuna that there is a deeper secret that the prepared soul can apply.


Sri Aurobindo describes this “secret of secrets”: “Thus runs this secret of secrets, the highest most direct message of the Ishwara. ‘Become My-minded, My lover and adorer, a sacrificer to Me, bow thyself to Me, to Me thou shalt come, this is My pledge and promise to thee, for dear art thou to Me. Abandon all Dharmas and take refuge in Me alone. I will deliver thee from all sin and evil, do not grieve.’


What appears to be a simple statement however is only for that unique soul that is ready, capable and knowing, as we have to recognise that this cannot be madeanexcuse for the play of the Gunas to proceed unpurified and unchecked, nor a justification for the ego to act through the screen of this unstructured approach.  

“…it is only the rare soul chosen by the Spirit for the revelation of his very body… Who can be admitted to this mystery, because he alone is near enough in heart and mind and life to the Godhead to respond truly to it in all his being and to make it a living practice.”


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