Complete Devoted and One-Pointed Dedication Is the Key to Divine Liberation Beyond All Disciplines

After providing extensive information to Arjuna about the various disciplines, steps and procedures that should be used to help the seeker transcend the ego-personality and the action of mechanical Nature through the three Gunas, Sri Krishna has now indicated to Arjuna that there is a highest secret that does away with all of these things, in his statement to “abandon all dharmas”.   At this point the Gita moves beyond the strict parameters of the yoga of knowledge, the yoga of works or the yoga of devotion to develop a multi-faceted, all-encompassing method that relies, not just on specific practices or techniques, but a much more essential and fundamental conversion of all thoughts, emotions, energies, life-actions, the mind’s seeking, the heart’s outpouring of love, the life’s work and the physical body’s very actions into a constant remembrance, dedication and unification with the Divine Presence.

Sri Aurobindo provides us the basis of this all-embracing dedication:  “All this personal effort and self-discipline will not in the end be needed, all following and limitation of rule and Dharma can at last be thrown away as hampering encumbrances if thou canst make a complete surrender to Me, depend alone on the Spirit and Godhead within thee and all things and trust to his sole guidance.  Turn all thy mind to Me and fill it with the thought of Me and My presence.  Turn all thy heart to Me, make thy every action, whatever it be, a sacrifice and offering to Me.  That done, leave Me to do My will with thy life and soul and action; do not be grieved or perplexed by My dealings with thy mind and heart and life and works or troubled because they do not seem to follow the laws and Dharmas man imposes on himself to guide his limited will and intelligence.”

The complexity and integration of numerous details of life go beyond the capacity of any human intelligence to fully comprehend or act upon rightly.  Therefore, in the end, it is only the Divine Person who can assure a perfected working in harmony with the rest of the creation.  “My ways are the ways of a perfect wisdom and power and love that knows all things and combines all its movements in view of a perfect eventual result; for it is refining and weaving together the many threads of an integral perfection.”

Thus, if the seeker is capable of this kind of complete surrender and handing over of the responsibility to the Divine in an integral way, the responsibility shifts off of the ego striving for perfection to the Divine manifesting that perfection.  “I am here with thee in thy chariot of battle revealed as the Master of existence within and without thee and I repeat the absolute assurance, the infallible promise that I will lead thee to Myself through and beyond all sorrow and evil.  Whatever difficulties and perplexities arise, be sure of this that I am leading thee to a complete divine life in the universal and an immortal existence in the transcendent Spirit.”


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