Transformation of Consciousness From Human To Divine

While the Gita spends quite a bit of time addressing the concerns of the physical, vital and mental being of man, the essential “highest secret” involves finding a way to shift the standpoint from the human egoistic to the divine universal poise of consciousness. All paths of spiritual development, all forms of evolutionary growth are considered to be steps along the way from the human to the divine, or aids in achievement of this eventual result. For those who can do it, a complete surrender of all one is and all one does is the direct route to this transformation, a method that is not dependent on any particular dharma, any particular philosophical or religious ideal or practice, or any particular yogic methodology.

Identifying with the true inner being, the soul, the Divine Person within is a challenge primarily because of our fixation with the outer world and our identification with the ego-personality. This is the key difficulty that must eventually be worked out. Sri Aurobindo describes this process: “But if the active soul of man can once draw back from this identification with its natural instruments, if it can see and live in the entire faith of its inner reality, then all is changed to it, life and existence take on another appearance, action a different meaning and character. Our being then becomes no longer this little egoistic creation of Nature, but the largeness of a divine, immortal and spiritual Power. Our consciousness becomes no longer that of this limited and struggling mental and vital creature, but an infinite, divine and spiritual consciousness. And our will and action too are no longer that of this bounded personality and its ego, but a divine and spiritual will and action, the will and power of the Universal, the Supreme, the All-Self and Spirit acting freely through the human figure.”

“It is difficult indeed to accept for the human intellect attached always to its own cloud-forms and half-lights of ignorance and to the yet obscurer habits of man’s mental, nervous and physical parts; but once received it is a great and sure and saving way, because it is identical with the true truth of man’s being and it is the authentic movement of his inmost and supreme nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part II, Chapter 24, The Message of the Gita, pp. 555-556

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