Accepting and Embracing the Manifested Universe Through Active Participation

Eventually, the standpoint that an individual takes governs his action. Those who believe in the illusory nature of the world will take steps to separate themselves from it and achieve the standpoint of the impersonal, immutable Self that is uninvolved in the action of the world. Those who believe, on the contrary, that there is no reality other than the manifested world of forms, forces and actions, will concentrate on achieving success, however they may define it, within that sphere of activity.

The Gita points the seeker in the direction of an integration that can accept the reality of both aspects, and thus, there must come a way of living that balances these two in some appropriate manner. The spiritual quest then gets transformed from a path of renunciation to a path that seeks and integrates the impersonal spirit while simultaneously accepting action in the world.

Sri Aurobindo describes the path: “But God in the world and you in the world are realities; the world and you are true and actual powers and manifestations of the Supreme. Therefore accept life and action and do not reject them. One with God in your impersonal self and essence, an eternal portion of the Godhead turned to him by the love and adoration of your spiritual personality for its own Infinite, make of your natural being what it is intended to be, an instrument of works, a channel, a power of the Divine. That it always is in its truth, but now unconsciously and imperfectly, through the lower nature, doomed to a disfigurement of the Godhead by your ego. Make it consciously and perfectly and without any distortion by ego a power of the Divine in his supreme spiritual nature and a vehicle of his will and his works. In this way you will live in the integral truth of your own being and you will possess the integral God-union, the whole and flawless Yoga.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part II, Chapter 24, The Message of the Gita, pg. 558

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