Rising Into the Supreme Spiritual Nature

Through the combination of the yogas of knowledge, works and love, the seeker increases the focus on the spiritual consciousness and moves his center away from the ego-based mental consciousness. As a result, over time, the entire viewpoint shifts until one lives and acts from the divine standpoint. Sri Aurobindo describes the result: “This triune way is the means by which you can rise entirely out of your lower into your supreme spiritual nature. That is the hidden superconscient nature in which the Jiva, a portion of the high Infinite and Divine and intimately one in law of being with him, dwells in his Truth and not any longer in an externalised Maya.” This status is currently not part of our daily experience as it is based in a realm of consciousness above (superconscient) the mental consciousness. Just as there are realms of consciousness below the mental consciousness (subconscient or inconscient), so there are realms above as well.

The yoga of knowledge provides the seeker with the opportunity to experience and live in this standpoint, but in a more abstract, passive relationship to the activities of the outer nature and the world. Sri Aurobindo points out: “This perfection, this unity can be enjoyed in its own native status, aloof in a supreme supracosmic existence: but here also you may and should realise it, here in the human body and physical world.” This is what the Gita provides as its solution and why it systematically works out a unification of the 3 yogic paths, to bring about this result.

“It is not enough for this end to be calm, inactive and free from the Gunas in the inner self and to watch and allow indifferently their mechanical action in the outer members. For the active nature as well as the self has to be given to the Divine and to become divine.”

This is what leads to the supreme secret of the Gita, which calls for a complete giving up of the personal ego-action into the supreme Purushottama: “All that you are must grow into one law of being with the Purushottama…; all must be changed into My conscious spiritual becoming, madbhava. A completest surrender must be there. Take refuge with Me in all the many ways and along all the living lines of your nature; for that alone will bring about this great change and perfection.”

Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita, Second Series, Part II, Chapter 24, The Message of the Gita, pg. 571

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