The Complete Aim of the Synthesis of Yoga

The ultimate goal of the Divine Creation cannot simply be the individual spiritual fulfillment accompanied by escape from the world. When we recognize that the individual is also part of a larger collectivity and an even larger universal creation, it becomes clear that the individual progress is, and should be, an element in the increasing evolutionary development of the entire manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo elucidates the aim of the synthesis of yoga that he recommends: “Spirit is the crown of universal existence; Matter is its basis; Mind is the link between the two. Spirit is that which is eternal; Mind and Matter are its workings. Spirit is that which is concealed and has to be revealed; mind and body are the means by which it seeks to reveal itself. spirit is the image of the Lord of the Yoga; mind and body are the means He has provided for reproducing that image in phenomenal existence. All Nature is an attempt at a progressive revelation of the concealed Truth, a more and more successful reproduction of the divine image.”

The evolutionary process in Nature is a long and slow affair. The practice of Yoga attempts to concentrate and speed up this process in the individual. “It works by a quickening of all her energies, a sublimation of all her faculties.” Yoga unifies the Transcendent with the Universal and the Individual, thereby bringing to bear the sanction and consciousness of the Supreme to adapt and modify Nature in fulfillment of the Divine intention. This is the transformation of all existence, with the individual acting as a nexus of this change.

“The generalisation of Yoga in humanity must be the last victory of Nature over her own delays and concealments. Even as now by the progressive mind in Science she seeks to make all mankind fit for the full development of the mental life, so by Yoga must she inevitably seek to make all mankind fit for the higher evolution, the second birth, the spiritual existence. And as the mental life uses and perfects the material, so will the spiritual use and perfect the material and the mental existence as the instruments of a divine self-expression. The ages when that is accomplished, are the legendary Satya or Krita Yugas (Satya means Truth; Krita, effected or completed), the ages of the Truth manifested in the symbol, of the great work done when Nature in mankind, illumined, satisfied and blissful, rests in the culmination of her endeavor.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Introduction: The Conditions of the Synthesis, Chapter 3, The Threefold Life, pp. 23-25


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