Integral Realisation For the Individual and Society At Large

To counter-balance the exclusive concentration on individual realisation of the silent, supreme Brahman, there is a theme in human development that focuses on the perfection of the social order. Whether the goal is termed “utopia” or “paradise on earth” or the “kingdom of heaven on earth” or the “city of God”, there is a persistent need within humanity to attempt the achievement of a perfected order of life.

Many of these attempts have been based on moral philosophy, or political or economic theory; others have been based on specific religious doctrines that attempt to unify everyone in the society under one uniform banner. Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that this aspiration speaks to an inner reality and is part of the larger realisation that is sought by the integral yoga. The perfection and harmonious integration of this perfection into the social order cannot be achieved through politics, economics or uniformity of doctrine. It can only be achieved through an inner realisation achieved by the individual and translated into action in the world; as each individual grows inwardly and gains the true spiritual insight and illumination, the opportunity arises for society itself to take on the character of that spiritual force, and thus, we can achieve unity with diversity and the perfection of the social order of life, with harmony and balance.

“The divinising of the normal material life of man and of his great secular attempt of mental and moral self-culture in the individual and the race by this integralisation of a widely perfect spiritual existence would thus be the crown alike of our individual and of our common effort. Such a consummation being no other than the kingdom of heaven within reproduced in the kingdom of heaven without, would be also the true fulfilment of the great dream cherished in different terms by the world’s religions.”

“The widest synthesis of perfection possible to thought is the sole effort entirely worthy of those whose dedicated vision perceives that God dwells concealed in humanity.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Introduction: The Conditions of the Synthesis, Chapter 5, Synthesis, pg. 44

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