Transmutation of the Ego-Self Into the True Spiritual Person

The consecration of the being through the leveraged action of the higher mind, the will and the heart is a powerful tool to effect the change from the standpoint of the ego-personality and the desire-soul that goes along with it to the divine standpoint and the emergence of what Sri Aurobindo calls “the true Spiritual Person”. This can take place “only when the desire-soul in us has submitted to the Divine Law….”

When this occurs we are not any longer acting for the individual satisfaction of the ego and its attendant desires. The individuality remains, but not as a limited and struggling human being separated and fragmented from the rest of creation and trying to to survive and thrive in this hostile world; rather, the individual, as the “true spiritual person” becomes a nexus or opportunity for the manifestation of the Divine Will in the universe.

“Our works will then be divine and done divinely; our mind and life and will, devoted to the Divine, will be used to help fulfil in others and in the world that which has been first realised in ourselves,–all that we can manifest of the embodied Unity, Love, Freedom, Strength, Power, Splendour, immortal Joy which is the goal of the spirit’s terrestrial adventure.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 2, Self Consecration, pg. 78