Speeding Up the Evolutionary Process Of Growth Into the Divine Consciousness

When we observe the process of Nature, we see a steady, albeit slow and somewhat roundabout progression of consciousness to higher and ever-more-complex and powerful forms. We observe Life evolving out of Matter, and Mind evolving out of Life-Energy. We are in the midst of a process that does not show any indication that it has reached its terminus and come to any conclusion; we may therefore safely accept the idea that new levels of consciousness lie before us to evolve out of Mind.

The purpose of the integral Yoga is to understand this process and to enhance the speed of its implementation through conscious participation rather than through the influence or pressure of the environment, the societal structures and relationships and the underlying direction of Nature.

Sri Aurobindo explains: “In Yoga we replace this confused, crooked crab-motion by a rapid, conscious and self-directed evolution which is planned to carry us, as far as can be, in a straight line towards the goal set before us.”

The goal, while not an ultimate ending place necessarily, represents a next stage beyond the current level achieved by humanity. “There lies before him the possibility of a new birth; there can be an ascent into a higher and wider plane of being and its descent to transform his members. An enlarged and illumined consciousness is possible that shall make of him a liberated spirit and a perfected force, and, if spread beyond the individual, it might even constitute a divine humanity or else a new, a supramental and therefore a superhuman race. It is this new birth that we make our aim: a growth into a divine consciousness is the whole meaning of our Yoga, an integral conversion to divinity not only of the soul but of all the parts of our nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 3, Self-Surrender in Works–The Way of the Gita, pg. 83