The Divine Conscious-Force and World-Mother

At a supreme level of consciousness, the Divine and the Shakti are one. The ancient Hindu tradition shows us a form of the great God Siva that is half Siva/half Shakti in one body. This represents the unity of the Divine and the Power of the Divine at the highest levels. Sri Aurobindo describes this force: “It is at once clear to the experiencing soul that here is a conscious Power of one substance and nature with the Supreme from whom she came. If she seems to have plunged us into the Ignorance and Inconscience in pursuance of a plan we cannot yet interpret, if her forces present themselves as all these ambiguous forces of the universe, yet it becomes visible before long that she is working for the development of the Divine Consciousness in us and that she stands above drawing us to her own higher entity, revealing to us more and more the very essence of the Divine Knowledge, Will and Ananda.”

This Conscious-Force acts as a gateway or intermediary, manifesting the universe according to the Divine Will at the highest levels of Sat-Chit-Ananda above, deploying the attenuated forces that create all the innumerable forms and inter-relationships we see in the planes of Matter-Life-Mind. The World-Mother works therefore in this transitional plane between the higher and lower hemispheres of consciousness, the realm of the Supramental. Similarly, as the consciousness grows back toward the light and the unity from the division and separation and fragmentation of Mind-Life-Matter, it ascends through the Supramental toward the higher planes.

“On one side, by the play of the energies which she brings from the One, she manifests the multiple Divine in the universe, involving and evolving its endless appearances out of her revealing substance; on the other, by the reascending current of the same energies she leads back all towards That from which they have issued so that the soul in its evolutionary manifestation may more and more return towards the Divinity there or here put on its divine character.”

At this highest level of Consciousness-Force the action is not mechanical or inconscient; rather, there is a creative action that develops out of full Knowledge and Unity with the Supreme, the action of the World-Mother. “For the Ishwari Shakti, divine Conscious-Force and World-Mother, becomes a mediatrix between the eternal One and the manifested Many.”

This force also shapes the experience and growth of the seeker: “Even in the movements of the Ignorance the soul of the seeker becomes aware of her conscious guidance supporting his steps and leading them slowly or swiftly, straight or by many detours out of the darkness into the light of a greater consciousness, out of mortality into immortality, out of evil and suffering towards a highest good and felicity of which as yet his human mind can form only a faint image. Thus her power is at once liberative and dynamic, creative, effective,–creative not only of things as they are, but of things that are to be; for, eliminating the twisted and tangled movements of his lower consciousness made of the stuff of the Ignorance, it rebuilds and new-makes his soul and nature into the substance and forces of a higher divine Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 4, The Sacrifice, The Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice, pp. 116-117