The Benefit of the Spiritual Experience of the Impersonal Aspect of the Universe

Existence contains many riddles for the human soul to ponder and to understand. We always like to latch onto one extreme solution or another. The spiritual seeker similarly goes through various stages and experiences a variety of aspects of the Reality. Eventually the one-sided views can give way to an integrated vision that balances the various extremes. One of the more powerful experiences comes about when the seeker comes in contact with the aspect of the Impersonality in the universe.

Sri Aurobindo describes this experience: “It is possible for the seeker in his spiritual experience, standing at one pole of the Duality, to follow Mind in seeing a fundamental Impersonality everywhere. The evolving soul in the material world begins from a vast impersonal Inconscience in which our inner sight yet perceives the presence of a veiled infinite Spirit; it proceeds with the emergence of a precarious consciousness and personality that even at their fullest have the look of an episode, but an episode that repeats itself in a constant series; it arises through experience of life out of mind into an infinite , impersonal and absolute Superconscience in which personality, mind-consciousness, life-consciousness seem all to disappear by a liberating annihilation, Nirvana.”

The aspect of impersonality has, for the seeker, a liberating influence as it frees him from the bondage of attachment to the details of the outer life. “It releases his knowledge from the narrowness of personal mind, his will from the clutch of personal desire, his heart from the bondage of petty mutable emotions, his life from its petty personal groove, his soul from ego, and it allows them to embrace calm, equality, wideness, universality, infinity.”

The first and hardest step for the human seeker, focused and limited by the habitual actions of his mind, life and body, is the necessity of freeing himself from their bondage, and it is therefore valuable and extremely important that the seeker experience the vast Impersonal. “…it is through a wide egoless impersonality that one can become a free worker and a divine creator. It is not surprising that the overwhelming power of this experience from the impersonal pole of the Duality should have moved the sages to declare this to be the one way and an impersonal Superconscience to be the sole truth of the Eternal.”

As Sri Aurobindo has pointed out, the experience of the Impersonal, while extremely valuable and virtually essential in liberating the seeker from the limits of his mental mode of consciousness, is not the final nor the sole standpoint for the integral yoga.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 4, The Sacrifice, The Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice, pp. 117-118