Achieving Liberation In Action By a Change of Consciousness

The primary methodology used in the past to achieve spiritual liberation was a more or less complete avoidance or separation from any focus on the outer world and its forces. Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that this is not the way of the integral Yoga: “It is not a separation of some activities, but a transformation of them all by the change of the informing consciousness that is the way of liberation, an ascent of the sacrifice of knowledge to a greater and ever greater light and force. All the works of mind and intellect must first be heightened and widened, then illumined, lifted into the domain of a higher Intelligence, afterwards translated into workings of a greater non-mental Intuition, then again transformed into the dynamic outpourings of the Overmind radiance, and these transfigured into the full light and sovereignty of the supramental Gnosis. It is this that the evolution of consciousness in the world carries prefigured but latent in its seed and in the straining tense intention of its process; nor can that process, that evolution cease till it has evolved the instruments of a perfect in place of its now imperfect manifestation of the Spirit.”

It is not the specific activity of the being that identifies it as being spiritual, or worldly. Rather, it is the standpoint of the conscious intelligence and the spirit of undertaking of that action that is the determining factor. The entire universal manifestation is a Divine action. When we have achieved a status beyond the limited and fragmented mental consciousness and see and act from the divine standpoint, we become co-participants and actors in that divine activity. “…for whatever is touched and thoroughly penetrated by the Divine Gnosis is transfigured and becomes a movement of its own Light and Power, free from the turbidity and limitations of the lower intelligence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 5, The Ascent of the Sacrifice-1, The Works of Knowledge–The Psychic Being, pp. 139-140