The Psychic Being and Divine Universal Love

The soul focuses on certain qualities that have a divine essential characteristic to them. Most central of all is the quality of Love. The process of culturing of consciousness, of uplifting the ordinary human motives and actions from their weak, or misplaced focus on external forms and egoistic fulfillment, to refine, and refocus the consciousness so that it responds to those forms, forces, energies and movements that, in their essence, prepare the being for higher, purer and truer relations, from the divine standpoint, is essentially a preparation process for the action of the psychic being and its ability to come forward and take charge of the mind, life and body. Once this occurs, there is a process of making the new standpoint deeper, stronger, more solid and tuning it entirely to focus on the Divine in all and beyond all.

Sri Aurobindo describes the process: “It is the divine Love that it seeks most, it is the love of the Divine that is its spur, its goal, its star of Truth shining over the luminous cave of the nascent or the still obscure cradle of the new-born godhead within us.”

“In the first long stage of its growth and immature existence it has leaned on earthly love, affection, tenderness, goodwill, compassion, benevolence, on all beauty and gentleness and fineness and light and strength and courage, on all that can help to refine and purify the grossness and commonnness of human nature; but it knows how mixed are these human movements at their best and at their worst how fallen and stamped with the mark of ego and self-deceptive sentimental falsehood and the lower self profiting by the imitation of a soul movement.”

The natural first reaction of the soul is to try to throw off all these purely human relations and focus only on the Godward emotions. But just the purification of the individual soul, while a strong and necessary movement, is not sufficient. There also comes the need to bring down the higher force of Divine Love and transform the life in the world through its action: “It opens to a universal Divine Love, a vast compassion, an intense and immense will for the good of all, for the embrace of the World-Mother enveloping or gathering to her her children, the divine Passion that has plunged into the night for the redemption of the world from the universal Ignorance.”

“All true truths of Love and of the works of Love the psychic being accepts in their place; but its flame mounts always upward and it is eager to push the ascent from lesser to higher degrees of Truth, since it knows that only by the ascent to a highest Truth and the descent of that highest Truth can Love be delivered from the cross and placed upon the throne; for the cross is the sign of the Divine Descent barred and marred by the transversal line of a cosmic deformation which turns life into a state of suffering and misfortune. Only by the ascent to the original Truth can the deformation be healed and all the works of love, as too all the works of knowledge and of life, be restored to a divine significance and become part of an integral spiritual existence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 5, The Ascent of the Sacrifice-1, The Works of Knowledge–The Psychic Being, pp. 146-147