The Emergence of the Psychic Being and the Transformation of Life

The first hints or promptings that arise within the individual from the psychic being are generally relatively weak and easily overcome by the insistence of the mind’s narrow vision and stubborn attachments, the vital being’s aggressive desires and the physical being’s heaviness and darkness. Over time, as the seeker becomes more attentive to the quiet voice of the soul, it becomes stronger, comes forward more effectively and links with the being and force of the Divine, of whose nature it partakes. It is this joining of the Divine spark within with the Divine Force above and around that creates the opportunity for the psychic being to exercise real power over the lower nature of mind-life-body.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this dynamic: “And yet the leading of the inmost psychic being is not found sufficient until it has succeeded in raising itself out of this mass of inferior Nature to the highest spiritual levels and the divine spark and flame descended here have rejoined themselves to their original fiery Ether. For there is there no longer a spiritual consciousness still imperfect and half-lost to itself in the thick sheaths of human mind, life and body, but the full spiritual consciousness in its purity, freedom and intense wideness.”

The pure and undiluted force of Knowledge, Power, Love, Harmony and Beauty, which abides in these hiher spiritual realms, can then be welcomed to replace the distorted and weakened forms that pass for these things in the ordinary human experience. “Thus for the individual consciousness a Force is manifested which can deal sovereignly in it with the diminutions and degradations of the values of the Ignorance. At last it begins to be possible to bring down into life the immense reality and intense concreteness of the love and joy that are of the Eternal. Or at any rate it will be possible for our spiritual consciousness to raise itself out of the mind into the supramental Light and Force and Vastness; there in the light and potency of the supramental Gnosis are the splendour and joy of a power of divine self-expression and self-organisation which could rescue and re-create the world of the Ignorance into a figure of the Truth of the Spirit.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 6, The Ascent of the Sacrifice-2, The Works of Love–The Works of Life, pp. 157-158

1 thought on “The Emergence of the Psychic Being and the Transformation of Life

  1. Wonderful! Let the subliminal layers , subtle-physical , subtle-vital layers which is our armour of defence be offered within and above to the supramental light of Oneness, love, unity vastness and integrality.Let me practice controls on the mental and inferior planes and the mind-body consciousness.Till it is inherent by nature in the Supramental.Thank You Maa.


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