The Ascent to the Supramental Is Required For the Complete Transformation of Life

Each plane of existence has its own unique defined powers and limitations. As the evolutionary progression of consciousness developed from Matter into Life, and from Life into Mind, the increase of knowledge and power that coincides with each step becomes obvious. At the same time, each of these remain circumscribed within a limited sphere. Even when there is a Divine influence acting upon them, they still are unable to effectuate the complete transformation of life. The basic principle of action of that form of consciousness can be enhanced, uplifted and empowered, but it remains what it was in its essence.

For this reason, Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that the total transformation of life can only come about when the ascent to the higher levels of consciousness takes place. He defines the supramental level as that next major level of consciousness wherein Knowledge and Power are unified and carry out the inherent sense of the Eternal with full awareness. Where the mental level is characterized by limitation, fragmentation and separation, the supramental level is characterized by oneness, truth and harmony. “For then alone all the forces that are divided and express themselves imperfectly in life and its works are raised to their original unity, harmony, single truth, authentic absoluteness and entire significance. There Knowledge and Will are one, Love and Force a single movement; the opposites that afflict us here are resolved into their reconciled unity: good develops its absolute and evil divesting itself of its error returns to the good that was behind it; sin and virtue vanish in a divine purity and an infallible truth-movement; the dubious evanescence of pleasure disappears in a Bliss that is the play of an eternal and happy spiritual certitude and pain in perishing discovers the touch of an Ananda which was betrayed by some dark perversion and incapacity of the will of the Inconscient to receive it.”

It is, of course, not possible for the mental consciousness to understand or judge the supramental consciousness, as it operates under a totally different guiding principle of action and awareness. Thus, the mind is not in a position to accept the truth of the supramental consciousness; that, however, does not make it any less real. Consider that the life-urge of the animal consciousness cannot conceive of the power of the mental realm…

The transformation of the life of the world, and the lives of the individuals who exist within the world, cannot be effectuated through new mental understanding, emotional development or vital insistence. The complexity of all the interacting parts cannot be grasped by the limited human mental capacities. When we go to “fix” one thing, we invariably disturb or upset something else. Thus we lurch from one inadequate solution to another in our attempt to uplift our lives.

“It is therefore on the accomplishment of his ascent and on the possibility of a full dynamism from these highest levels descending into earth-consciousness that is dependent the justification of Life, its salvation, its transformation into a Divine Life in a transfigured terrestrial Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 6, The Ascent of the Sacrifice-2, The Works of Love–The Works of Life, pp. 173-174