The Evolutionary Process of Transformation of Life

The integral Yoga is not specifically fixated on the spiritual salvation of an individual, but on the evolutionary urge that is systematically transforming all life on earth, a process within which the individual can participate and obtain the result. It is helpful to view the evolutionary process through the lens of Time. When we look at the creation of the material world, it appeared to have no consciousness other than that of pure Matter. The forces at play were material energies, and it took endless millenia for Matter to be prepared to hold and manifest the next level of consciousness, that of the Life-Force. Once it took hold, this Life-Force was able to radically change the face of the planet, modifying the qualities of Matter along the way. The next phase brought about the development of the mental consciousness and once again, a radical transformation of both Matter and now the Life-Energy took place. The Spiritual Consciousness represents the next transformative phase of this evolution and will, as seen in prior stages, bring about radical transformative changes in Matter, Life and Mind.

The role of the seeker is to consciously align himself with this transformative process, open to the working of the Divine Force that is implementing these changes, and support the changes as they begin to take place. Sri Aurobindo describes this more fully: “All life must be taken up but all life must be transformed; all must become a part, a form, an adequate expression of a spiritual being in the supramental nature. This is the height and crowning movement of a spiritual evolution in the material world, and as the change from the vital animal to mental man made life another thing altogether in basic consciousness, scope, significance, so this change from the materialised mental being to the spiritual and supramental being using but not dominated by Matter must take up life and make it another thing altogether than the flawed, imperfect, limited human, quite other in its basic consciousness, scope, significance.”

“A divine Force is at work and will choose at each moment what has to be done or has not to be done, what has to be momentarily or permanently taken up, momentarily or permanently abandoned. For provided we do not substitute for that our desire or our ego, and to that end the soul must be always awake, always on guard, alive to the divine guidance, resistant to the undivine misleading from within or without us, that Force is sufficient and alone competent and she will lead us to the fulfilment along ways and by means too large, too inward, too complex for the mind to follow, much less to dictate. It is an arduous and difficult and dangerous way, but there is none other.”

We have seen the inability of the mental consciousness to solve any of the myriad issues or problems of life and harmony. We can recognize that the complexity of the world goes far beyond the realm of what can be grasped by Mind. Thus, Sri Aurobindo’s solution, the transformative effect of the spiritual consciousness descending into the world and addressing the issues in a comprehensive, global and integrated way, remains the only realistic solution we have found to achieve harmony, peace and balance in the manifested world within which we live and act.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 6, The Ascent of the Sacrifice-2, The Works of Love–The Works of Life, pp. 175-176