The Summit Of the Yogic Path of Works

Each individual represents a stream of development that is unique in certain ways. As the seeker moves beyond the limitations of the mental-vital-physical nature and begins to take on the character and force of the divine nature, this uniqueness essentially means that he will express that force in action according to the basic outlines of that individual nexus that has been built up. There is a truth in individuality in the evolutionary movement, and the divine presence uses this consistently to carry out the play and interchange in the world.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this: “At first, the higher Love and Truth will fulfil its movement in the Sadhaka according to the essential law or way of his own nature. For that is the special aspect of the divine Nature, the particular power of the supreme Shakti, out of which his soul has emerged into the Play, not limited indeed by the forms of this law or way, for the soul is infinite. But still its stuff of nature bears that stamp, evolved fluently along those lines or turns around the spiral curves of that dominating influence. He will manifest the divine Truth-movement according to the temperament of the sage or the lion-like fighter or the lover and enjoyer or the worker and servant or in any combination of essential attributes (gunas) that may constitute the form given to his being by its own inner urge.”

This does not imply, however, that the Spirit is limited by the specific evolved form and its characteristics in its ultimate action. The spiritual force can also modify, exceed or disregard any previously developed formations of the being. “But there is yet a higher attainment, there is an infinity (anantya) in which even this last limitation is exceeded, because the nature is utterly fulfilled and its boundaries vanish. There the soul lives without any boundaries; for it uses all forms and moulds according to the divine Will in it, but it is not restrained, it is not tied down, it is not imprisoned in any power or form that it uses.”

“This is the summit of the path of works and this the utter liberty of the soul in its actions. In reality, it has there no actions; for all its activities are a rhythm of the Supreme and sovereignly proceed from that alone like a spontaneous music out of the Infinite.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 8, The Supreme Will, pp. 201-202