The Spiritualised Mind Separates the Realisations of Knowledge, Works and Love

While we are still living primarily on the mental level, the various aspects of the Divine experience appear to be separate and distinct, and we see therefore that exclusive focus on one aspect brings about the apparent separateness of the paths of Knowledge, Love and Works. The characteristic action of the mind is to analyze and separate, so that when the mind approaches the spiritual evolution it does so with its normal function. This fragmentation then treats the various realisations as separated from one another, when in reality they are all simply ways of approaching the Oneness of the spiritual Truth.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this issue: “Each by itself then appears sufficient to satisfy the yearning of the seeker. Alone with the personal Divine in the inner heart’s illumined secret chamber, he can build his being into the Beloved’s image and ascend out of fallen Nature to dwell with him in some heaven of the Spirit. Absolved in the cosmic wideness, released from ego, his personality reduced to a point of working of the universal Force, himself calm, liberated, deathless in universality, motionless in the Witness Self even while outspread without limit in unending Space and Time, he can enjoy in the world the freedom of the Timeless. One-pointed towards some ineffable Transcendence, casting away his personality, shedding from him the labour and trouble of the universal Dynamis, he can escape into an inexpressible Nirvana, annul all things in an intolerant exaltation of flight into the Incommunicable.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 11, The Master of the Work, pg. 246