Unveiling the Meaning of World-Creation and Individual Action

The limitations of the mind make it impossible for us to conceive of the Divine Reality in any true sense. When we think about or reflect upon the Transcendence, we tend to imagine it something like “outer space” empty of content and blank. We therefore tend to associate the concept of Oneness with the Transcendent Divine as something of an annihilation of our existence into an emptiness or void. In addition to the conceptual limitations, there are the limitations of language, which can create further confusion.

Sri Aurobindo points out that the Transcendence is not just a “pure Existent” but also a Power and carries within it, of its own substance, the creative matrix of all that is manifested, the power of consciousness that carries out the creation and the forms themselves that arise out of this matrix. “The supramental Transcendence is not a vacant Wonder, but an inexpressible which contains for ever all essential things that have issued from it; it holds them there in their supreme everlasting reality and their own characteristic absolutes.”

The world is not simply an illusion, although through the dividing and fragmenting action of Mind it may take on that appearance. The evolution of consciousness out of inconscient Matter, through the expression of Life and eventually Mind allows an ever-greater awareness of the Divine Reality, which is “…a greater Light out of which all this has come for the adventure of the Soul lapsing into the Inconscience and emerging out of it, and, while that adventure proceeds, it waits superconscient above our minds till it can become conscious in us.”

Once we are able to evolve beyond the limitations of Mind, and become aware of the divine “omnipresent Reality” (as Sri Aurobindo terms it in The Life Divine), “The cosmic consciousness and its action will appear no longer as a huge regulated Chance, but as a field of the manifestation; there the Divine is seen as a presiding and pervading Cosmic Spirit who receives all out of the Transcendence and develops what descends into forms that are now an opaque disguise or a baffling half-disguise, but destined to be a transparent revelation. The individual consciousness will recover its true sense and action; for it is the form of a Soul sent out from the Supreme and, in spite of all appearances, a nucleus or nebula in which the Divine Mother-Force is at work for the victorious embodiment of the timeless and formless Divine in Time and Matter. This will reveal itself slowly to our vision and experience as the will of the Master of works and as their own ultimate significance, which alone gives to world-creation and to our own action in the world a light and a meaning.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 11, The Master of the Work, pp. 250-251