The Divine Concentration

The integeral Yoga starts from the basis that the Divine is not solely the Transcendent, but also manifests as the Universal and the Individual Soul. The world therefore is not an illusion, but a conscious manifest Existence of the Timeless through Time. The individual is not separate from the Divine, but rather a nexus or focus for individualisation and the creation of points of differentiation and interchange by the Divine for His own play. Thus, each action we undertake is not that of a separate, fragmented being.

Sri Aurobindo explains the meaning of concentration from this viewpoint: “All our concentration is merely an image of the divine Tapas by which the Self dwells gathered in itself, by which it manifests within itself, by which it maintains and possesses its manifestation, by which it draws back from all manifestation into its supreme oneness. Being dwelling in consciousness upon itself for bliss, this is the divine Tapas; and a Knowledge-Will dwelling in force of consciousness on itself and its manifestations is the essence of the divine concentration, the Yoga of the Lord of Yoga. Given the self-differentiation of the Divine in which we dwell, concentration is the means by which the individual soul identifies itself with and enters into any form, state or psychological self-manifestation (bhava) of the Self. To use this means for unification with the Divine is the condition for the attainment of divine knowledge and the principle of all Yoga of knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Two: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter 4, Concentration, pg. 306

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