Transitioning From Desire-Mind to True Soul in Action

The process of systematically observing, and then removing the sanction for the movements of the desire-soul in life may achieve a deep calm based on non-involvement in the actions of the world. Sri Aurobindo observes that this may be, however, just a stage in the process that eventually leads to the Purusha putting forth for Nature a new direction and form for action. Eventually the Nature must comply and thus, can become an instrument of a higher divine working, once the distorted or imperfect actions of the lower nature have been replaced with a clear and directed force based on the divine nature.

“What was fabric-stuff of desire and passion, is turned into reality of pure, equal and calmly intense love and joy and oneness. The real soul emerges and takes the place left by the desire-mind. The cleansed and emptied cup is filled with the wine of divine love and delight and no longer with the sweet and bitter poison of passion. The passions, even the passion for good, misrepresented the divine nature. The passion of pity with its impure elements of physical repulsion and emotional inability to bear the suffering of others has to be rejected and replaced by the higher divine compassion which sees, understands, accepts the burden of others and is strong to help and heal, not with self-will and revolt against the suffering of the world and with ignorant accusation of the law of things and their source, but with light and knowledge and as an instrument of the Divine in its emergence. So too the love that desires and grasps and is troubled with joy and shaken with grief must be rejected for the equal, all-embracing love that is free from these things and has no dependence on circumstances and is not modified by response or absence of response.”

While the traditional Yoga of knowledge focuses on the renunciation and avoidance of action in the world in order to overcome the force of the desire-mind and the ego, the integral Yoga develops a new foundation of action that transitions through the stage of total withdrawal to a new basis of action as a purified, ego-free instrument for the divine manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Two: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter 8, The Release from the Heart and the Mind, pp. 338-339